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Gidiemme is a company working on the industrial and intellectual property (patents,trademarks, models, designs and copyright) as well as in all fields dealing with the take over and transfer of technology.

Gidiemme, by means of its own advisors, will ensure every necessary step in order to acquire and protect a patent, a mark or a model, using the latest research systems used in Europe, and in the whole world. We grant you our assistance by filing and controlling, and we'll give you legal advices step by step.

Gidiemme gives you the possibility to take advantage of its own naming service, consisting in the creation of names for new firms or products, including design and creation phases, in order to coordinate creation and protection of the mark itself.

Gidiemme organizes training courses for professional figures who are involved in public relations and external consultancies dealing with intellectual and industrial property in their own firms.